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Welcome to the usecure Marketing Hub!

To help our partners drive interest in usecure and start conversations with clients, we've created a library of freely accessible white-labelled resources.

  • Landing Page Kit [NEW]

    Readily-made website copy, images and resources to help you build a white-labelled landing page that converts.

  • usecure Logo Pack

    Need to add usecure's logo to your website, partner materials or anywhere else? Download and use our high-quality logos in PNG, SVG and AI formats.

  • The 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Risk

    Help your clients understand why employees are an insider threat, why they are at risk, and how your Human Risk Management (HRM) service provides a fix.

  • On-Demand Demos [NEW]

    Watch and share on-demand demos of the usecure platform.

  • Case Study

    Show your clients how usecure reduces human risk over 12 months.

  • usecure Testimonials

    We've added some unbranded testimonials of the usecure app to support your conversation with clients/ prospects in the decision stage.

  • Employee Introduction Pack

    Use these templated email and PDF memos to help your clients' end-users understand their training, why it's important and how it will work.

  • Infographics

    Position yourself as a security awareness expert with industry data and quick tips.

  • Posters Packs

    Offer your clients free workplace posters to reinforce best practices.

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