This update went live on June 22nd 2020.

This update to uPolicy adds a number of new policy management features.

Policy drafts and publishing

The policy creation process is now easier to handle with policy drafts. While working on a policy, you can save it as a draft, and then publish it once you are happy with it.

Policy version control

You can now manage multiple versions of your policies. This makes it easier to know what exactly was contained in your policy at a certain time.

Signature Types

The Signature Settings tab allows you to choose how and when your policy is automatically sent out for signing.

Default signature settings

The default signature settings option allows you to select what signature setting option new policies default to.

Manual policy signature

You can now manually upload a list of policy signatures using the signature upload option.

External policy access

The external policy access setting allows you to create and share a link to allow external auditors to view your policies.

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