The July 2020 uPhish update introduces two major new features in uPhish, as well as improving on previous functionality.

uPhish Inline Training

uPhish Inline Training allows you to automatically send out training modules to users who compromise their details on phishing simulations you send out.

When creating a simulated phishing campaign, you can now choose a module to automatically be sent out to users who become compromised in the campaign. You can choose from any module you wish, create your own module, or use the Phishing Micro Training module which has especially been created to be used for this purpose.

uPhish Landing Page Builder

The uPhish Landing Page Builder allows you to build custom landing pages.

You can find the Landing Page Builder through the top menu on the app, under uPhish.

uPhish Email and Landing Page Libraries

uPhish email templates and landing pages now have library pages that allow you to easily view the available templates.

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