This update was released on 2nd September 2020.

Your users can now choose which language to take their courses in.

Which courses are available?

Initially, the 12 core beginner infosec courses feature multiple languages. This will allow you to add multilingual users to auto-enrol as this covers the first year of the auto-enrol security awareness programme on default settings. The Gap Analysis questionnaire that is sent out to new users with auto-enrol turned on has also been translated, ensuring a consistent experience for your users.

How can I Auto-Enrol users in a specific language?

The Gap Analysis questionnaire and the beginner stage of the auto-enrol courses are now all available with translations. This means that you can simply upload your multilingual users and enable Auto-Enrol, and the users will be able to choose which language to take their security awareness training programme in.

How can my users choose which language to take their courses in?

The courses that feature multilingual content have a drop-down on the course menu bar, allowing the user taking the course to choose their preferred language. This means that there's zero extra admin work involved for you.

What languages are included?

The new languages available now are:

  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • US English

We are planning to grow the library of languages in the future. If there is any language you would wish to see added, don't hesitate to let us know as we will prioritise the languages that you want to see the most!

Are the courses machine translated?

We know your users aren't robots. That's why the course translations in every language have been edited and proofread by professional translators to ensure the highest quality of content for your users, whatever language they speak.

Have the course videos been translated?

At the moment, the videos in the auto-enrol courses have subtitles in all the languages that the course is available in. Your users will be able to select their preferred subtitles by clicking on the 'CC' button in the video.

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