Videoconferencing has become a part of our daily work lives.

While it is an essential part of remote working, it can also pose risks to security if it is not carried out with the appropriate precautions.

The Videoconferencing security awareness module will teach your users:

  • Why they should require passwords for all confidential meetings
  • Why having a strong password matters even on video calls
  • Why the meeting ID and link of confidential meetings should be protected, even if they have set a password
  • How to help prevent unauthorised users from joining calls

This content is all presented to users through a fun animation, which you can watch below.

The video will be followed by a series of questions to ensure that your users have watched the video with their full attention and to help them retain what they've learned.

You can preview the full course in the uLearn Course Library by searching Videoconferencing Security Awareness: Terry's Conference Call Calamity.

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