usecure now speaks French, German and Spanish, with the flags for each country on a cloud.

Launching multilingual usecure

We want usecure to be the best place to raise security awareness, no matter what language you speak.

That's why we've just launched full translations of the usecure app in these languages:

  • French 🇫🇷
  • German 🇩🇪
  • Spanish 🇪🇸

Full support for France, Germany and Spain

Not only have we fully translated the usecure platform, but we now also have dedicated account managers for our new regions. They will be offering our speedy live-chat support natively in French, German and Spanish.

In addition to our live chat, we are looking to fully support these regions with self-service support on the Help Centre, localised content and region-specific material. If you've got staff or an office in these regions, keep an eye out!

Choosing a language

The admin platform and courses will automatically attempt to display to users in their preferred language, based on browser settings.

You can also set a company-wide language in the App Settings, which will be used as a fallback for new admins and end users to ensure that content is displayed in the right language.

Admins can manually change their language in their Account Settings, and end users can use the language drop-down menu in their courses to set a preferred language. Individual preference will always override browser and company-level settings.


Q: If I choose a company language, will this override language settings for other administrators on my app?

A: Yes, but only if they haven't manually set a language for themselves in their Account Settings. Their individual preferences will be respected if they have manually set them.

Q: Will setting a company language affect the default language of courses sent out to end users?

A: Yes, but only if the end user hasn't chosen to view their courses in another language. If a user has chosen to view the courses in another language, the platform will remember that choice and attempt to always display courses in that language.

How do I set my account language?

You can also select your app language in your Account Settings, under Language in the left-hand menu.

  • This will only affect the language you see the platform in

How do I set a default language for my company?

You can set a default app language for your company in the App Settings, under Language in the left-hand menu.

  • This will set the default language for administrators on your app, but admins can override this by manually setting their own account language
  • This will also set the default language of courses sent to end users, but will only be used if the course can't display in the user's own preferred or browser language

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