This update was released on 16th February 2021.

It's important that your end users immediately recognise the emails that you send them on the usecure platform. We've put the power to change sender names, addresses and email branding into your hands in our newest update.

Ensure your end users will recognise platform emails

The new Default Email Settings tab in the platform settings gives you control over the emails sent by the platform to your end users. Any changes here will apply to all emails sent by the platform to users in your organisation.

In the Default Email Settings, you can...

  • Set a default sender name and prefix for all platform emails

  • Adjust the sender name separately in each language if you have multi-lingual end users on your app

  • Choose between alternative sender domains for platform emails

  • Upload a logo and set theme colours for emails

Configure each type of platform email to fit your organisation

With this update, you can now also adjust settings for each type of platform email individually on the product-specific email settings pages.

Here are the emails that you will be able to adjust:

  • Default - Welcome, Password Reset, Password Changed and Email Verification emails

  • Gap Analysis - Gap Analysis Invite and Reminder emails

  • Courses - Course Invite and Reminder emails

  • Weekly Summary - The Weekly Summary email

  • Office 365 - Auto, Manual and Test Sync Report emails

  • Simulation Tests - Simulation Test emails (the test emails you can send when creating a new simulation)

  • Policies - Policy Invite and Reminder emails

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