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Enrolling your users
Manually enrol a user/ group of users onto a uLearn course
Manually enrol a user/ group of users onto a uLearn course

Learn how to manually enrol your users and groups of users onto a specific security awareness training course.

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What you'll learn in this article:

  • How to manually enrol a user onto a uLearn course

  • How to manually enrol a group of users onto a uLearn course


Enrolling users/ a group onto a uLearn course

Manual enrol users

To enrol users manually, head over to the 'Users' tab on the usecure app.

  • Where to find this: Access your usecure admin portal > Select the 'Users' tab on the top navigation menu

Here, you'll find all of the users/ groups of users that you have imported onto the usecure platform.

To enrol users onto their security awareness training programme, check the box next to the user's name or group of the users that you wish to enrol, then select the 'Action' drop-down menu.

From these actions, select 'Enrol on Course'. This will bring up a drop-down menu of uLearn's subjects and courses.

Simply select the relevant course, and select 'Enrol'. Your user(s) will then receive their course invite via email.

Note: If the user has previously been enrolled onto this course, they will receive a course reminder invitation instead.

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