Getting started with usecure

Discover how to get the most out of usecure from day one

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MSP Technical Resources

Helpful articles for Managed Service Providers and other usecure partners

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MSP Marketing Resources

Market usecure to your customers with social media ads, videos and more

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MSP Sales Resources

Find guides and resources for selling usecure to your customers

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Report Hub

Learn how to use the reports from the usecure platform.

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Deliver effective security awareness training and drive secure user behaviour

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Assess user vulnerability with targeted simulated phishing campaigns

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Identify employee email accounts and identities that are exposed online

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Manage your company's policies and keep track of signatures

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Risk Score

Assess your organisation's human risk at a glance

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Account settings & customisation

Manage your usecure account and enable custom branding

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Get quick answers to frequently asked questions

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Compliance solutions

Discover how usecure can help your compliance efforts

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Privacy, Security Measures & Terms

Find legal documentation and information on how we protect your data

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