Setting up uLearn

Learn how to customise and configure uLearn before enrolling your users onto their programmes and courses.

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Before enrolling your users onto their training courses, it's important to make sure you've fully customised and configured uLearn within your usecure app.

Making these changes will ensure that the look and feel of uLearn is consistent with your organisation's internal communications and branding. 

In this article, you'll learn how to:

1. Configuring your course emails

  • Where to find this: usecure app >  Settings (hover over the cog icon - top right) > 'Emails' (left-sided menu) > 'Courses'

Here, you're able to decide what email address/ domain your users' course invitations come from.

The colours and logo you select here will appear in your users' course invitations, reminders and in-course theme.

2. Customising your course theme

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > 'uLearn' > 'Course Builder' > 'Edit Course'

In this section, you can customise the look and feel of uLearn's content.

To populate the Course Builder with courses from the Library, navigate to uLearn > Course Library and click on the copy icon to duplicate the course, which will automatically copy it to your Course Builder page.

3. Managing course reminder emails

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > Settings (cog icon) > 'uLearn' (left-sided menu) > 'Course Reminder Emails'

Here, you're able to select how often you'd like your users to receive email reminders for outstanding courses, or choose to disable reminders altogether.

You can also separately configure the reminder emails for the Gap Analysis questionnaire by selecting 'Gap Analysis Reminder Emails' on the left-hand menu pane.

4. Setting minimum pass score

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > Settings (cog icon) > 'uLearn' (left-sided menu) > 'Minimum Pass Score'

Here, you can configure a minimum pass score and your users will be prompted to retake the course if they score below the percent you configure.

It is not possible to remove the prompt to retake a course when a user has failed while the Minimum Pass Score is enabled.

We tend to find that 80% is a strong pass %, which is set by default. If you want to disable the pass score, you can do this by toggling off 'Enable a minimum percentage pass score'.

5. Managing automatic course enrolment

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > Settings (cog icon) > 'uLearn' (left-sided menu) > 'Auto Enrol'

Next, you can choose to automatically subscribe people to their uLearn courses.

In this section, you'll also be able to choose how frequently your uses receive their courses, as well as being able to manually subscribe users now.

Note: Enabling the 'Automatically subscribe people to courses' setting means that any users added to your portal will be immediately enrolled.

6. Managing summary and report settings

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > Settings (cog icon) > 'Report Settings'

Finally, you can configure how your reports appear, as well as choose to send out a weekly email summary that displays key insights into user performance.

7. Configuring email subject lines

  • Where to find this: usecure portal > Settings (cog icon) > 'Emails'

In the Emails section of your settings page, you'll find Gap Analysis, Courses, and Weekly Summary email settings, where you'll be able to customise the subject lines of your gap analysis, uLearn emails (incl. course invitations and reminders) and your weekly summaries respectively.

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