Customise your uPhish settings

Here's how to set your uPhish compromise message, working hours and timezone, and Preferred Top Level Domain.

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The uPhish settings allow a high level of configuration to ensure the success of your phishing simulations.

In this article, we'll go through:

How to customise your uPhish compromise message

If your users are compromised during your phishing simulation (i.e., submit their credentials) they will be redirected to a compromised landing page.

On the uPhish Compromise Message page, you will be able to edit the image and the message that will be shown to end users who are compromised in their phishing simulations.

Phishing simulations that are attack type Attachment Open do not display a compromise message.

How to set your uPhish working hours and timezone

uPhish enables you to automatically deploy phishing simulations on a regular basis (e.g., one simulation every four weeks). We call this automated feature 'AutoPhish'.

On the uPhish Working Hours & Timezone page, you will be able to select your working hours and set your timezone using the drop-down menus.

Auto Phish does not currently support phishing templates with attachments.

How to choose your uPhish Preferred Top Level Domain

Choosing a preferred Top Level Domain helps you quickly build more realistic-looking phishing simulations.

  • When you create a new simulation on uPhish, domains with your preferred TLD will be shown to you first

  • Auto Phish will automatically default to using domains with your preferred TLD

Set your chosen TLD on the Preferred Top Level Domain page in the uPhish settings.

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