Here's what's covered in this article:

  • How to customise the landing page your users see when compromised
  • Setting your working hours for AutoPhish


Customising your uPhish settings

  • Where to find your uPhish settings: Access your usecure app > 'Settings' (cog icon - top right) > 'uPhish' (left-sided menu)

Compromised landing page

If your users are compromised during your phishing simulation (i.e., submit their credentials) they will be redirected to a compromised landing page.

You're able to edit the image and text your users see on this page.

Setting your working hours for AutoPhish

uPhish enables you to automatically deploy phishing simulations on a regular basis (e.g., one simulation every four weeks). We call this automated feature 'AutoPhish'.

You can set these simulations to only be sent during your organisation's working hours - recommended when launching simulations that impersonate internal comms.

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