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Enrolling your users
Enrolling users onto their security awareness training programme
Enrolling users onto their security awareness training programme

Learn how to enrol users onto their uLearn security awareness training programme.

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What you'll learn in this article:

  • How to enrol users onto their security awareness training programme

  • How to enable/disable AutoEnrol

  • What happens after your users have been enrolled


Enrolling your users

Making enrolment hassle-free

uLearn is designed to remove the admin-heavy processes of traditional security awareness training, all by automating course enrolments, course reminders and more.

To achieve a seamless enrolment process, we suggest enabling uLearn's automation feature, 'AutoEnrol'. 

Setting up automatic enrolment (AutoEnrol)

When enabled, AutoEnrol will automatically enrol any user you add to the usecure platform onto their training programme.

  • Where to enable AutoEnrol: Access your usecure portal > Select ' Settings (found under the cog icon - top right) > Select 'AutoEnrol' (left-sided menu)

Within these settings, you can enable or disable AutoEnrol and select the frequency of automatic course send outs.

You can also choose to subscribe users to their first uLearn course immediately, using the 'Subscribe people now' button.

Once saved, your training programme will become active and your users will receive their first invitation, depending on your custom settings.

What happens now?

Here's a breakdown of what happens now that your users have been enrolled onto their uLearn training programme:

  • Gap analysis invitation: Users will receive an email invitation to their gap analysis questionnaire. This is a 10-15 minute multiple-choice assessment that will determine their individual infosec vulnerabilities.

  • Continuous learning: Using the results of the gap analysis questionnaire, uLearn will deploy regular computer-based training courses that strengthen your users' individual weaknesses. One bite-sized course will be deployed depending on the frequency you set in your 'AutoEnrol' settings.

  • Weekly summaries and in-depth reporting: You'll be able to monitor your users' progress from your usecure dashboard whenever you want. You'll also receive weekly summaries that offer key insights into users performance.

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