What metrics can you track with uLearn?

As your users' advance through their security awareness training programme, uLearn will track a range of metrics to give you clear visualisation of user performance.

These metrics include:

  • Course grades (grading from A-F)

  • Course participation (%)

  • Course completion rate (%)

These can be filtered by:

  • Individual user metrics

  • Group metrics (e.g., Finance Team)

  • Company-wide metrics

Where to find your users' uLearn performance metrics

usecure Dashboard

  • Where to find this: Access your usecure portal > Select 'Home'

  • Metrics available: Overall courses outstanding, overall courses completed and overall course participation.

You can view a quick snapshot of your organisation's uLearn progress, allowing you to see the adoption rate of your programme straight from your home dashboard.

'Users' Tab

  • Where to find this: Access your usecure portal > Select 'Users' in the top navigation bar.

  • Metrics available: Individual uLearn grades and course(s) status (i.e., enrolled courses, courses started, courses completed, course grade).

In the Users section of your usecure app, you can view the individual uLearn performance of each of your users.

For easy-to-digest insights, you'll see the user's uLearn grades displayed in a radar graph.

Here you can also see the status of their courses, from enrolment to completion and final grade.

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