What you'll learn in this article:

  • How to use the uBreach page

  • How to find out which of your users have had their credentials exposed online

  • How to see what data has been exposed about your users

Understanding the uBreach page

When you enter the uBreach page, you will first see visualisations of the breach data. The first graph ('Users appearing in major breaches') shows you how many of your users appear and don't appear in breaches. The second graph ('Services your users data appeared in the most') shows you which services were the sources of the most breaches to your users.

Below the visualisations, you will see a list of all your users. They will be sorted by the number of breaches that their information has been found in, with their total breach count visible in the rightmost column.

Finding out what data has been exposed

To find out which breaches an individual user has had their details exposed in, and what these details are, you will need to open the user breach view. You can do this by clicking the + sign next to the user's name on the uBreach page.

You will now be able to see the services from which the user's data has been exposed, the date when the breach happened, the date when the breach was added to our database, and the type of information that was exposed. 

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