White-labeling your usecure application

Learn how to whitelabel your app with your logo and company colour scheme.

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You can make your usecure platform look like your company by adjusting your theme settings. These settings also apply to courses and other content seen by end users.

White-labelling tips:

  • Any rectangular logo size works, but use the stock dimensions (185x28) for best fit

  • You can upload a logo in either JPEG or PNG format

  • You may want to set the top menu colour as the same colour as the background of your logo to have it blend in to the top bar

How to white-label your usecure platform

Step One - Find your platform settings

Hover over the settings cog in the top menu bar and click Settings.

Step Two - Find the Theme settings

Click Theme in the left-hand menu.

Step Three - Customise your settings

Upload your company logo and choose your theme colours. Click Save to keep your settings!

Note: For the logo, any rectangular logo size should work. Use the dimensions of the stock usecure logo (185x28) if you want to ensure your logo displays properly.

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