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What policy templates are available on uPolicy?
What policy templates are available on uPolicy?

Find out which pre-made templates are available for you to use or customise on the usecure policy management tool.

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uPolicy has an ever-growing library of pre-built policy templates. The uPolicy template collection is regularly reviewed and updated to include the latest recommendations and best practices.

The uPolicy Template Library

Find the uPolicy Template Library under uPolicy -> Template Library in the top menu bar inside the usecure app.

The uPolicy template library is separated into categories.

Essential Policies

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Anti-Malware Policy

  • Clean Desk Policy

  • Email Policy

  • Ethics Policy

  • Internet-Use Policy

  • Password Construction Guidelines

  • Password Policy

  • Removable Media Policy

  • Security Response Plan Policy

Encryption Policies

  • Acceptable Encryption Policy

  • Digital Signature Acceptance Policy

  • End User Encryption Key Protection Policy

  • Mobile Device Encryption Policy

Mobile Devices Policies

  • Mobile Employee Endpoint Protection Policy

  • Personal Communication Device and Voicemail Policy

  • Remote Access Mobile Computing and Storage Policy

Server Policies

  • Server Audit Policy

  • Server Malware Protection Policy

Other Policies

  • Anti-Social-Engineering Policy

  • Automatically Forwarded Email Policy

  • Data Breach Response Policy

  • Dial-In Access Policy

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Policy

  • Extranet Policy

  • Internet Monitoring and Filtering Policy

  • Risk Assessment Policy

  • Virtual Private Network Policy

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