uPolicy has an ever-growing library of pre-built policy templates. The uPolicy template collection is regularly reviewed and updated to include the latest recommendations and best practices.

The uPolicy template library is separated into categories.

Essential Policies

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Anti-Malware Policy
  • Clean Desk Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Ethics Policy
  • Internet-Use Policy
  • Password Construction Guidelines
  • Password Policy
  • Removable Media Policy
  • Security Response Plan Policy

Encryption Policies

  • Acceptable Encryption Policy
  • Digital Signature Acceptance Policy
  • End User Encryption Key Protection Policy
  • Mobile Device Encryption Policy

Mobile Devices Policies

  • Mobile Employee Endpoint Protection Policy
  • Personal Communication Device and Voicemail Policy
  • Remote Access Mobile Computing and Storage Policy

Server Policies

  • Server Audit Policy
  • Server Malware Protection Policy

Other Policies

  • Anti-Social-Engineering Policy
  • Automatically Forwarded Email Policy
  • Data Breach Response Policy
  • Dial-In Access Policy
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Policy
  • Extranet Policy
  • Internet Monitoring and Filtering Policy
  • Risk Assessment Policy
  • Virtual Private Network Policy
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