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Introducing uLearn Course Builder
Introducing uLearn Course Builder

Learn how to use Course Builder to create and edit custom courses.

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What is Course Builder? 

Course Builder gives you access to the same tools we use to build courses on uLearn. It allows you to build and edit courses on whatever topic you choose, and customise them to make them a perfect fit for your organisation.

Why we made Course Builder

From listening to customer feedback, we identified a common problem. Even as the infosec and compliance content on uLearn covers all core areas, different organisations had specific rules and requirements that they wished to educate their staff on - often not even related to cyber security.

We built Course Builder to address this problem, allowing you to educate your workforce on whatever topic you want to using a custom learning management system (LMS).

Creating a custom course with Course Builder

You can find Course Builder by clicking 'uLearn' in the top menu, and then selecting 'Course Builder'. 

You will now be on the main Course Builder page. This page will show you all courses that you have created or that you can edit using Course Builder. It will be empty for now, but as you start creating courses you will see them here.

To start creating a new course, click the 'Create Course' button.

You will now be taken to the summary page of your new course. In here, you will be able to fill in your course's name and description, as well as upload a background image for it.

  • Course Title: Give your new course a name

  • Course Description: Provide an overview of your course to help users know what it's about

  • Course Icon: Choose an icon from the course by following the link below the text box

  • Course Background Image: Upload a background image for your course

  • Question Limit: By default, courses will show all questions you add to them. However, if you add a question limit here that is lower than the number of questions on the course, uLearn will automatically select questions from the course to fit the question limit. This is useful for ensuring that users get a different set of questions, making it harder for them to share their answers.

  • Randomise Question Order: Enable this to make the order of questions random

You will be able to edit these at any time by returning to the course summary page, so don't worry if you make a mistake or want to change them later!

Once you have finished filling in the course summary, click 'Create Course'.

Congratulations, you have just created a custom course! In the next section, we will go through how to add slides to your new course, and actually fill it with content.

Adding slides to a course

Once you have created a new custom course, you will want to add some content to it.

On this screen, start by clicking 'Add Content'. There are multiple different types of content that you can add to your courses on uLearn.

When you click 'Add Content', you are presented with a drop-down menu. From this menu, you can select the type of content you would like to add. Select 'Material' for now.

Editing a slide

Your new course now has its first slide. There are four buttons on each slide, that allow you to edit, preview, duplicate and remove the slide. There is also a drag selector, allowing you to move around slides once you have more than one.

Click the Edit button to start writing content onto your slide.

The editing screen

This is where you can write your course material. Use the editing bar to format text or add images. There is also a Preview button to see what the slide will look like on the actual course.

Saving your changes

When you click 'Back to Course Content,' you will be asked if you want to keep the changes you made to this slide. Click 'Yes' to keep changes, 'No' to discard changes, or 'Cancel' to stay on the slide page. 

Adding questions

Now, it's time to add a question to your course. You can do this by clicking 'Add Content', and then selecting 'Question' from the drop-down menu. 

Editing questions

The questions on uLearn courses appear similarly to the slides on the course page itself. You can edit, remove, or drag around questions. You will also see the question text and whether it has been marked as correct.

Click the Edit button. You will now see the Edit Answer window, which allows you to give the answer text, mark it as correct, or give it feedback. The feedback text is the text that will be displayed if a user selects the question, whether it is correct or not.

Publishing changes

Changes you make to uLearn courses are saved in the Course Builder, but won't be published to users until you press the 'Update' button. Clicking this button will immediately update the course for all users. 

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