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Suspending customer accounts

Learn how to suspend customer accounts through uService.

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You may want to disable customer accounts for a number of reasons. For example, if your customers are in the education sector, they may have a long summer break during which you will not want any training emails to be sent out.

What suspending customer accounts does

If you suspend a customer account

  • No automatic emails such as course enrolments or reminders will be sent out to users on that account

  • Team members on that account will not be able to log in to the platform

  • Billing will continue as normal

How to suspend customer accounts

You can suspend customer accounts using the Edit option in uService.

  1. In uService, click Edit on the customer you wish to suspend.

2. Turn on the Suspend option on the first page of the Edit window.

The customer account has now been successfully suspended. To enable the account again, disable the Suspend option in the same manner as you enabled it.

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