Setting a minimum pass score

Learn about the minimum pass score on uLearn courses.

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A minimum pass score determines what percentage of questions your users need to get correct to pass a course.

What does the minimum pass score do?

Setting a minimum pass score ensures that your users only 'pass' or finish a course when they answer the required amount of questions correctly. If a user fails to answer the set amount of questions correctly, they will be asked to retake the course. The user may either retake the course immediately or at a later date. If they do not finish the course with the required pass grade, however, they will continue receiving reminder emails to retake the course.

What happens to courses already taken when I change the minimum pass score?

Changing the minimum pass score only affects courses going forwards. It has no effect on courses that have already been taken by your users or the reporting of them.

What should I set the minimum pass score to?

Setting the minimum pass score higher will ensure that your users have to read through and take in the course content they go through. Setting it too high, however, might be seen as too punishing as it's easy for any user to make a mistake or misunderstand one question in a set of ten. We normally see customers set the minimum pass score to around 85% as this will ensure a high retention of learning without being overly strict or punishing.

How do I set the minimum pass score?

You can set the minimum pass score in your settings, under the uLearn tab.

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