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Creating MSP customers

Learn how to add MSPs to the usecure app.

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All customer accounts on usecure are handled on the uService page.

How to create a new MSP customer

This is how you can add a new MSP client to usecure.

Find uService through the top menu.

In uService, Click the Create MSP button. This will open the Create MSP window.

1. In the Details tab you will need to give your customer a name. You can also choose whether to give them usecure features and whether to lock their domain.

  • Enable usecure features - This setting allows you to choose whether the MSP has access to the usecure products such as uPhish and uPolicy in their own app.

  • Domain Lock - Turning on this setting will allow only users with a specific email domain to be added to the customer's app. If this setting is turned on, you can specify the desired email domain below.

2. In the Admin User tab, you can choose to add an administrator the MSP account. Anyone in your own team will be able to access the customer account through uService, so you should only use this tab to add customers.

NOTE: Any new Admin User created at this stage will have Global Admin permissions. You can find out more about changing the admin's access here.

3. In the Features (Customer Default) tab you will be able to select the default product availability for your customer's clients. When your MSP customer adds customers to their account, they will be able to modify these settings.

4. In the uLearn (Customer Default) tab you will be able to set what the default theme (whitelabel setting) for your MSP customer's clients will be. You can choose a primary and secondary colour, as well as a logo to be displayed in place of the usecure logo.

5. Finally, the Theme tab will let you whitelabel the MSP customer's app itself. You can set the colour scheme as well as upload a logo to replace the usecure logo on the top left.

6. Once you have set up the MSP account as you wish, click the Create MSP button at the bottom of the window to finish creating your first MSP customer!

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