Inline Training allows you to have additional training courses automatically sent out to users who become compromised in phishing simulations.

How to enable Inline Training?

Inline Training is enabled for each phishing simulation individually, by choosing a training course to be utilised for Inline Training when scheduling a phishing simulation.

This can be done on the last page of the Create Simulation process.

When are Inline Training courses sent out?

Inline Training courses are sent out immediately when a user becomes compromised in the phishing simulation.

What courses are sent out for Inline Training?

When you enable Inline Training when creating a phishing simulation, you can choose which course to use for the Inline Training. You will be able to choose from any course in the uLearn Course Library - including Custom Courses you have created yourself.

We recommend the Phishing Micro Training module to be used for Inline Training, but you are free to choose whichever course you wish, or even create your own custom module for it.

What is the Phishing Micro Training module?

The Phishing Micro Training module is a brief course that explains to users:

  • That they've been compromised in a phishing simulation

  • Why phishing is a serious risk to any organisation

  • How to avoid falling for phishing emails in the future

The module is then followed up by a series of short questions to ensure that the user has read through and learnt the slides contained in the course. You can find the Phishing Micro Training module in the Course Library to test it out yourself!

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