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Simplify admin by assigning team roles

Assign admin roles in just a few clicks to help simplify portal management, optimise your usecure experience and sell better.

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What are admin roles?

Each of your admins will have different roles and responsibilities in selling and managing usecure, such as marketing, sales, technical or multiple hats.

By assigning your admins unique roles, your team's usecure experience will be tailored to their individual needs, enabling you to:

  • Simplify admin - Less noise, more context. Your admins' overall usecure experience will be tailored to which role type they fall under.

  • Optimise experience - With personalised guidance, your admins will be trained and supported with relevant resources to help them become usecure pros.

  • Sell usecure better - Enable your marketing people to drive interest, sales guys to onboard clients and tech team to keep things ticking.

Types of admin roles

Sales admins - people who sell your platform to new customers. Admins with the sales role are involved in:

  • Contacting potential customers over email and phone

  • Demonstrating the benefits of the usecure platform to potential clients

  • Creating accounts for new customers on the usecure app and uploading their users

  • Running the first uBreach scan and uPhish simulation for new clients

  • Setting up free trials for new customers

  • Getting the sign off from customers to sign up to usecure after the trial

Marketing admins - people who communicate how your services and products provide value to the public. Admins involved in the marketing role:

  • Market usecure on social media platforms

  • Send out marketing emails

  • Share eBooks & guides to customers to build their knowledge of security issues and awareness of products

Technical admins - manage the day-to-day operations of the usecure platform. Technical admins are mostly focused on:

  • Running phishing simulations for existing customers

  • Monitoring uLearn and uPhish performance, as well as uBreach exposure

  • Enrolling end-users on relevant courses in addition to Auto Enrol content

  • Creating and managing policies with uPolicy

A bit of everything - people with multiple responsibilities in the business.

How to set admin roles?

You can assign admin roles on the Admin Users page in your usecure app. Click the Edit button on a team member and choose a role for them under the setting 'How would you best describe this person?'

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