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Promote GDPR compliance with training, testing and policy management
Promote GDPR compliance with training, testing and policy management

Find out how usecure helps you comply with GDPR.

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The General Data Protection Regulation is one of the strictest privacy regulations in the world. Companies that fail to protect customer data with security measures and correct handling can face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover - whichever is higher.

Here's how usecure helps your organisation with GDPR compliance.

Staff training

It's essential that all staff members are aware of the GDPR, the company's responsibilities, and their own duties. Under the GDPR, a data request can be made by a customer to any representative or employee of a company - so regulators expect every member of staff to be trained to pass request onto the correct channels.

With uLearn, you can train your end users in:

  • GDPR. This course gives your end users an overview of the regulation, what the rights of individuals are and why it's so important to protect customer data.

  • Protecting Personal Data (GDPR). This course gives end users specific, actionable steps they can take in their daily job roles to protect data - like ensuring they protect accounts with strong passwords, and lock their computer when they're away.

  • GDPR for Senior Staff Members. This course is aimed at company directors and senior management, who will need to know what is expected of their business in data protection practices.

Staff testing

It's important that staff are trained to detect the signs of phishing emails and to ask for help whenever they're in doubt. Phishing simulation raise awareness about the threat of phishing, measure the company's risk rate, and can also be used to demonstrate to senior management the real risk present in the workforce and why it needs to be addressed.

  • Use uPhish Templates. uPhish has a library of realistic email and landing page template that you can use to send out end-user simulations.

  • Build your own. uPhish Email Builder and uPhish Landing Page Builder allow you to build your own custom templates that you can use across your customer base to send out exactly the phishing simulation you want.

Staff sign-on

Policies allow you to clearly set out what is expected of your end users. They make it easy for end users to know what they are required to do, and also allow you to provide evidence that you had strict guidance in place should a breach occur.

  • Data Protection Policy. Use the Data Protection Policy template to craft a policy you can send out to your end users, and easily track the signatures through uPolicy. You can also send the policy out for regular re-signs to ensure that awareness is maintained.

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