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Introduce your staff to their security awareness programme [Template]
Introduce your staff to their security awareness programme [Template]

Use these templated email and PDF memos to help your staff understand their training, why it's important and how it will work.

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It's important to explain to your staff why security awareness and human risk management are so important before you roll their training out.

This will not only clear up any questions they may have, but it will also help them to understand that user training isn't there to just "tick a box", but that there are multiple benefits for both the business and the individual.

We've created an employee introduction template for your to send out to all staff, that covers:

  • Why security awareness is so important in today's world

  • The common types of attack and threats that are out there

  • How security awareness training will benefit them

  • How the training will work (with examples)

  • Some FAQs

PDF version:

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