In this update, we've given you more choice over when, and what, reminder emails are sent to your end users.

Course and Policy reminders are now always sent separately from each other - and not in the same email.

You can now also:

Schedule course reminder emails between 1 and 14 days

You can now set the course reminder email schedule to be anything between 1 and 14 days in the Course Reminder Email settings.

Set a separate schedule for Gap Analysis reminder emails

You can now set a different schedule for Gap Analysis reminders than regular course reminder emails. This can help you ensure that everyone gets their Gap Analysis completed as fast as possible - which is why we recommend you set Gap Analysis reminders to be sent on a shorter schedule.

Configure how often Gap Analysis reminder emails are sent in the new settings tab.

Set a separate schedule for Policy reminder emails

Outstanding policies are no longer included in Course Reminder emails and have their own reminder emails instead. Configure how often Policy Reminder emails are sent out in the new settings tab.

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