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Your usecure NFR Starter Checklist
Your usecure NFR Starter Checklist

Set your MSP up for success with six simple steps.

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Follow these steps to set up your NFR account, learn about the usecure products and prepare the platform for your first customers. If you would like to go through this checklist with a usecure expert, click here to book a demo.

⚙️ ➡️ NFR Settings ➡️ Theme

The usecure platform supports complete white-labelling across the application, courses, emails and policies.

Users ➡️ Add ➡️ User ➡️ Enter user details ➡️ Save

You can easily add users and groups manually, by uploading a CSV file, or by importing them from Microsoft 365.

uLearn ➡️ Course Library ➡️ Enrol users ➡️ Select user ➡️ Enrol

uLearn has a growing library of information security and compliance courses, which are also available in multiple languages.

uLearn ➡️ Auto Enrol ➡️ Toggle on Automatically subscribe people to courses ➡️ Save

Auto Enrol is your automated training solution that automatically tests end users for their individual knowledge gaps, and enrols them on a continuous training programme that addresses their weakest areas of knowledge first.

(after configuring Message Injection - see note below) uPhish ➡️ Create simulation ➡️ Select Landing Page ➡️ Select Email Template ➡️ Configure simulation details ➡️ Send simulation

uPhish allows you to test your users' responses to realistic phishing emails.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure the delivery of your simulation, please set up Message Injection to allow simulation emails to reach your end users.

Help Centre ➡️ Sales and Marketing checklists

Make use of our sales and marketing resources to maximise your MRR with usecure.

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