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How to report suspected phishing emails with the Phish Alert Button

1. Click the Phish Alert Button

On Outlook Desktop

The add-in will appear on the user's ribbon as per your settings when an email is opened within Outlook. Clicking the button will open a task pane to start the submission process.

On Outlook Web

The icon for the Phish Alert Button will appear in the top right when a message is open. If it is not visible, clicking the three dots in the top righ will open a menu containing the button.

On Android

Tap the three dots on the right above the body of the email. This will open a pull-up panel, where the icon for the Phish Alert Button will be at the bottom.

2. Confirm that you want to submit the email as a suspected phishing attempt

Once you click the button, the submission process will begin.

3. You will now be congratulated if the email was from a simulation.

Otherwise, the email is treated as an actual suspected phishing email which triggers the following actions:

  • The email will be submitted to Microsoft if the Submit Suspected Phishing Emails to Microsoft for Analysis setting is enabled.

  • A notification will be sent to the email addresses you specified under Forwarded Email Recipients if Forward Suspected Phishing Emails is enabled

    • This notification will contain a summary of the suspected phishing email

    • It will also have an EML file attachment containing a reproduction of the original email if Include Suspected Email as EML file attachment is enabled

End-user guide to reporting suspected phishing emails with the Phish Alert Button

Use this end-user guide / email template to let your end users know about the Phish Alert Button, and how they can use it to report suspicious emails in their Web, Desktop or Mobile mailboxes.

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