How to send someone a performance report

First, find your Scheduled Reports tabs in the Report Hub.

Reports -> Report Hub -> Scheduled Reports

Click the arrow next to your chosen report, and then click Send Report

In the Send Scheduled Report window, add the email addresses of your chosen recipients.

Click Send Report to immediately send out the reports to the added email addresses.

How to choose recipients for new performance reports

It's easy to have performance reports automatically emailed to your chosen recipients. In your Scheduled Reports tab of the Report Hub, edit the report you wish to have sent out automatically.

Reports -> Report Hub -> Scheduled Reports -> Action (>) -> Edit Report

In the Edit Scheduled Report window, add the email recipients who you wish the report to be automatically emailed to in the Recipients field.

Click Save to save your changes. Whenever the report is next generated according to its frequency rules, it will automatically be sent out to all email addresses that have been added to the Recipients field.

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