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Keep up HIPAA compliance with user training modules
Keep up HIPAA compliance with user training modules

Learn about the training courses offered by usecure on HIPAA.

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act is one of the most important privacy legislations in the United States. Any company that deals with Protected Health Information has to be compliant.

HIPAA Training Modules

Here are the training courses offered in the usecure Course Library:


    • This text-based course provides users with a thorough introduction to HIPAA, with a focus on the Security and Privacy rules.

  • Understanding HIPAA: Beginner

    • This video-based course provides an essential introduction to what HIPAA is, why it was created, and why complying with it is important.

  • Understanding HIPAA: Intermediate

    • This video-based course builds on the Beginner course by introducing rules around how Protected Health Information can be used.

  • Understanding HIPAA: Advanced

    • This video-based course builds on the Intermediate course, providing additional information on the safeguards set out by the Security rule, as well as how breach notifications should be made.

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