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How you are billed

Learn how billing works on the usecure platform, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions around billing.

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As an MSP, you can choose either monthly or annual billing for your clients on the usecure platform.

Monthly Billing

usecure offers flexible monthly billing to MSPs. There is no minimum purchase amount or subscription length - it is a flexible, rolling monthly contract. You are charged for the peak number of active users across your non-trial (active) client accounts in each billing period.

For example, if your billing cycle runs from the 27th of each month and you add your first billing client with 20 active users on the 15th of January, you will be billed for 20 users for that whole current billing period on the 27th of January. If you remove those 20 billing users on the 26th of January, your next billing period (27th of February) will be for 0 users.

usecure offers automatic bulk discounts from 100 users onwards. Please contact your account manager for the latest pricing calculator.

You are required to add a credit card to the system for billing purposes. You will then be automatically billed by Stripe at the end of each billing cycle. Your current usage, historical usage and date of billing cycle are all outlined in uService. Please ensure you’re aware of your billing cycle date before turning accounts active, as we do not offer pro-rata billing. Your billing cycle is set to the date that your MSP account was created. If you have historical periods of billing usage but do not have a payment card associated, you will be immediately charged for the total outstanding amount once a card is added. usecure reserves the right to suspend access to accounts if clients are billing over an extended period but there is no payment card added.

FAQs - Monthly Billing

What does the pricing include?

We provide access to all usecure features as part of the one pricing model - uLearn, uPhish, uBreach and uPolicy.

How much should I sell the platform for?

That varies depending on the level of service and customisation you offer. Please speak with your account manager for advice based on your plans.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

In order to provide you with flexible monthly billing, payment can only be taken via a company card.

Is an ‘active user’ someone who’s receiving courses or phishing campaigns each month?

No, an active user is a user within the usecure application who isn’t marked as ‘inactive’ and therefore could receive material from the system. Regardless of whether they are sent anything in that billing period, if they’re set to ‘active’ and could therefore receive material then they are billable.

Do you offer charity discounts?

We don’t. Instead we have dropped our MSP buy price relative to the industry to give you more room to add your own discounts as you see fit. We do offer charity discounts on our annual contracting model (please see below).

What’s the difference between active and inactive users?

Active users can receive material from the system and are billable. Inactive users can’t receive material and are therefore not billable. Inactive users are tagged with the ‘Inactive’ tag on the Users page in the application.

How are users made inactive?

You can manually make users inactive from the Users page. Please note that if you have the user sync set up with M365 or Google, if they’re still within your user sync pool for that integration then it will override your manual change and turn that user back to an active state. You therefore need to add that user’s email to the configuration deny list.

Similarly, users are made inactive if you have set up the M365 or Google user sync and they are then removed from the pool of users being synced. This either happens because the user has been removed / deleted from the sync pool, or they’ve been added to the user deny list in the sync configuration.

What if I delete users or make them inactive midway through a billing cycle?

They will still be included in your bill for that billing cycle.

I accidentally put a trial account active. How do I go about requesting a refund?

We don’t offer refunds due to admin error. There are a number of fail-safes available on the platform, such as free trials, user limits, and documentation such as this article.

Does suspending an account turn it unbillable?

No. Suspending an account will disable logging in and any automated emails from the platform, but billing will continue.

Annual Billing

As an alternative to the monthly billing model, we do offer our partners an annual contracting model. usecure would be purchased on a per-user-per-year model in blocks of 50 users, allowing us to be more aggressive on pricing given the commitment to a longer term contract.

There are also multi-year discounts we can apply, as well as discounts for certain industries e.g. charities. You would purchase the licence at an agreed margin from the client buy price. You would then charge your client our list pricing. Please contact your account manager for the latest pricing calculator.

Invoicing would occur outside of uService. You would receive an invoice via our accounting system, with the ability to pay via card through that invoice. Once that payment is made we can create the client account. The annually billed client account would sit outside of your MSP uService section in order to avoid additional monthly billing. Therefore, if you want to access the client tenant you would need to use a different email to the one used to access your MSP account.

This can be used on a per-client basis i.e. you can have some clients on the monthly billing model, and others licensed on annual contracts.

This is mainly utilised when the prospect is considering multiple vendors. The vast majority of our competitors only provide annualised contracting, which tends to be a lot cheaper than flexible monthly pricing. Our annual pricing model is designed to be highly competitive against other annual contracting, increasing the likelihood of onboarding that client.

FAQs - Annual Billing

Will I be able to access these client accounts through my MSP account?
No, they would need to sit as a separate tenant. You can access the account as an admin using a different email.

What if I want to increase their user limit midway through?
They would move to the next bracket of 50 users. The pricing would be calculated on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the time left until their renewal.

Can I pay monthly?
No, annual contracting requires an upfront payment for the total subscription length.

What if my client doesn’t want all of the features?
With annual contracting we can adjust the pricing to reflect how many of uLearn, uPhish, uBreach and uPolicy they require.

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