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Using the Phish Alert Button in New Outlook for Windows

Learn where to find the Phish Alert Button in New Outlook.

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The New Outlook for Windows has changed the way that add-ins like the Phish Alert Button are presented to users.

The Phish Alert Button no longer appears in the ribbon in New Outlook. The Phish Alert Button will now appear in the message actions section in the top right hand corner of the message when the message is open.

There is a chance that the Phish Alert Button will not be visible in the message actions section if users have a number of add-ins installed. If the Phish Alert Button is not visible, users can access it by clicking on the 3 dots "..." (i.e. More Actions) menu in the top right.

Please note that as a vendor, we have no control over the priority of how add-ins appear in New Outlook's message actions.

Individual users can configure their New Outlook view to display the Phish Alert Button by customising their message actions but at time of writing it is not possible to do this at an organisational level. We will update our documentation accordingly if Microsoft provide a solution for this problem.

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