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Introducing uLearn Course Builder
Introducing uLearn Course Builder

Learn about the Course Builder feature and how to use it.

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In this article you will learn:

What is Course Builder?

Course Builder gives you access to the same tools we use to build courses on uLearn. It allows you to build and edit courses on whatever topic you choose, and customise them to make them a perfect fit for your organisation.

Why we made Course Builder

From listening to customer feedback, we identified a common problem. Even as the infosec and compliance content on uLearn covers all core areas, different organisations had specific rules and requirements that they wished to educate their staff on - often not even related to cyber security.

We built Course Builder to address this problem, allowing you to educate your workforce on whatever topic you want to using a custom learning management system (LMS).

Where to access Course Builder

You can find Course Builder by clicking uLearn in the top menu, and then selecting Course Builder.

You will now be on the main Course Builder page. This page will show you all courses that you have created or that you can edit using Course Builder. It will be empty for now, but as you start creating courses you will see them here.

What actions you can perform in Course Builder

Once you have created a course you can perform actions for the courses in the Course Builder view.

Click on the arrow on the far right of the course listed to view a list of actions you can perform for that particular course.

Selecting a course using the check box on the left of the course listed will enable an Actions button which also displays the list of actions you can take for that course.

  • Edit Course allows you to edit the course name, description, languages, course icon, background image, question limit, and randomize question order.

  • Edit Slides allows you to make any changes to the content of the slides and re-order the slides.

  • Preview Course opens a new tab in your browser where you can run through a simulation of the course.

Any responses selected when in Preview Course mode will not be saved as it is just a simulation and not a real enrolment.

  • Duplicate Course will create a copy of the course and list it in the Course Builder view.

  • Delete Course will delete the slides belonging to the course and all course enrolments associated with the course.

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