Introducing uBreach
What is uBreach? Identify vulnerable employee email accounts that are exposed on the web.
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What is uBreach?

uBreach enables you to quickly identify exposed employee email accounts and identities that have been publicly disclosed online via third-party data breaches.

With billions of credentials present in data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums, employees that sign up to third-party services with their work email address could be leaving your organisation at huge risk of social engineering, business email compromise (BEC) and other damaging attacks.

With uBreach, you can:

  • Identify exposed employee accounts: uBreach identifies accounts that are exposed on paste sites, data dumps and hacking forums

  • Locate what employee data is exposed: Common data includes email addresses, passwords, usernames etc.

  • Help prevent data loss: Locating these at-risk accounts enables you to safeguard users from social engineering and BEC attacks

  • Obtain actionable steps: usecure's security awareness software, uLearn, enables follow-up user training on security best practice

How uBreach works

  • Step One: Conducts a deep web search through data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums

  • Step Two: Identifies users that have had account information exposed online 

  • Step Three: Collates your users' results into an easy-to-digest format, accessible from your usecure dashboard

uBreach key features

  • Quick web search enables you to rapidly identity exposed accounts

  • Gathers high-level data (i.e., number of exposed accounts & source of breach) neatly into your usecure dashboard

  • View each user's exposed data breakdown from their usecure profile

  • 100% free with your subscription

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