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How to use uBreach to find exposed user data
How to use uBreach to find exposed user data

Learn how you can protect your company by finding exposed employee details with uBreach.

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uBreach is your dark-web monitoring solution for finding exposed employee credentials on the dark web.

Here's how you should use uBreach to protect your company:

Step One: Add all of your company's domains for monitoring

You can easily add any of your company's domains to be monitored with uBreach through the settings page. Any breach involving a user with a monitored email address will be visible to you in uBreach.

You will only be able to add domains for monitoring if you have upgraded to uBreach Pro. Basic level accounts can still view breaches affecting users they have uploaded to the usecure platform.

Step Two: Get notified of new breaches affecting your users

You and all admin users on your account will automatically be emailed of any new breaches involving users uploaded onto your account or with email addresses using your monitored domains.

You will only receive email notifications for new breaches if you have upgraded to uBreach Pro. If you haven't upgraded yet, you can still view all breaches by finding them manually in uBreach.

Step Three: Find the affected users and view the information that was exposed

You'll easily be able to view all affected users and the information that was exposed in the breach by navigating uBreach.

Step Four: Mitigate the impacts of your breach and get in touch with the affected users

It's important to take rapid action whenever a new breach has been detected that affects your users. Start by contacting the users who were affected and ensuring that they have changed their passwords if passwords became exposed in the breach.

Step Five: Mark the breach as resolved

Once you have finished addressing all users affected in the breach, you can mark the breach as resolved in uBreach to easily keep track of which breaches have been resolved.

You can only mark breaches as resolved and keep track of resolutions inside uBreach if you have upgraded to uBreach Pro.

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