Accessing uLearn courses

Learn how end-users can take uLearn courses they are enrolled onto.

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The uLearn platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for end-users to take and complete their courses. This ensures high participation and completion rates.

How your end-users access their courses will depend on whether you have enabled enrolment through email or with a UUID (Unique User ID).

This article will cover how end-users can access courses through email enrolment - which is how the majority of our clients choose to do enrolment. If you choose to enrol your users with UUIDs instead, please read our article Accessing courses using a UUID.


When a user is enrolled onto a course, they will receive an email with a link to take the course.

The email will include details on the course which they have been enrolled onto, as well as a list of all other outstanding courses that the user may be enrolled onto. This is a useful reminder for end-users that may have not taken all previous courses yet.

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