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How we support you

Find out how we help you make the most out of the usecure suite and effectively raise security awareness in your organisation.

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Here's how we ensure you receive the support you need when using usecure, and how you can easily get in touch with us through the Messenger.

The usecure support approach

Our approach to supporting our customers consists of three principles:

  • Simplicity. Quickly and easily ask as any question from anywhere in our app

  • Helpfulness. The Messenger will immediately recommend you self-service help articles, and if you don't find the answer you need you will be able to speak to a human as quickly as we can reach you (on average within 3 minutes during office hours)

  • Convenience. When you start a support conversation through the Messenger, we can help and reply to you both inside the app or over email so you don't need to wait around

Getting support

Getting support on any part of the usecure product suite is as simple as opening the Messenger on the bottom right of your screen.

When the Messenger opens, click 'New conversation' to get in touch with us.

You can also search the Help Centre straight from the Messenger.

How the Messenger allows us to support you better

Compared to traditional email-based support, the Messenger allows you to:

  • Get quicker response times

  • Receive an answer from any usecure team that is most relevant to your question, whether accounts, development or content

  • See instant self-service support articles

  • Receive answers to your questions and continue your support conversations in app as well as over email

How to give give members of your team access to the Messenger

If members of your support team would like access to the chat feature to troubleshoot problems or be in touch with our team, you need to add them as Admins on your usecure app. You can do this by selecting 'Admin Users' under the settings cog on the top right of your usecure app. Your support team will then be able to log in to the usecure app and open new tickets using the chat feature on any page of the application.

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