Want a landing page that looks like your company portal or email service?

You have complete freedom to create the landing page you need with uPhish Landing Page Builder.

What is the Landing Page Builder?

The Landing Page Builder allows you to build custom landing pages to be used with your phishing simulations.

Where can I find the Landing Page Builder?

You can find the Landing Page Builder under the uPhish drop-down menu on the main menu bar.

How to build a custom landing page with the Landing Page Builder

First, you'll need to find the Landing Page Builder in the top menu bar, under uPhish. You will see a list of the existing landing pages on this page.

1. Click the Create Landing Page button

This will take you to the Landing Page Builder.

2. Fill in details for your new landing page

You will need to give your new landing page a:

  • Template Name: What the landing page template will be called

  • Page Title: What the title of the landing page will be

  • Category: What category you want the landing page to belong to (This helps sort and find landing pages to fit your phishing simulations)

  • Tile Image: This allows you to upload an image to be displayed for the landing page in the Landing Page Library

3. Choose associated email templates

Certain landing pages will work well with certain email templates. Choosing a fitting email template for your landing page will improve the chances of a successful phishing simulation.

The box will let you select from any email templates in the Email Template Library.

5. Create your landing page in the Builder

Drag and drop elements from the menu on the right to bring them into your template. Clicking objects in the editor opens a menu that allows you to adjust their properties.

6. Click Save to save your new Landing Page!

Remember, you can come back and edit your new landing page at any time.

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