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Adding administrators (Partner accounts)

Learn how to add admins to partner accounts - and what the different types of administrator are.

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The usecure platform allows you to add as many administrators as you need to effectively run the platform for your customers.

In addition to uploading your technical admins, you should upload your Sales and Marketing teams as this will allow them to access the usecure Sales and Marketing Resource Hubs. These are an invaluable resource for selling and marketing usecure.

Step One - Find the Admin Users page

You can get to the Admin Users page by hovering over the settings cog in the top menu and clicking Admin Users.

Step Two - Add User

Click the Add Admin User button in the top right.

Step Three - Fill in the details

The Add Admin User window will now open. On the Admin Details tab fill in the new administrator's details. You need to add the user's names, their email address, as well as choosing what role fits the user the most. The roles are Technical, Sales, Marketing and All. Selecting a correct role will help us optimise the experience for the new administrator to ensure they find the information they need most.

Step Four - Select the Admin Role

In the Add Admin User window, click on the second tab Admin Roles to assign the admin role for that admin.

Step Five - Create User

Finally, click the Create User button to finish adding the administrator. They will receive an email inviting them to the usecure platform and introducing them to the Help Centre where they will find all the information they need to get started.

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