The email settings within the platform settings make customising platform emails easy.

In the email settings, you can:

  • Set a default sender name and prefix for all platform emails

  • Adjust sender names and prefixes individually for product emails

  • Upload a logo and set colour schemes for all platform emails

Default Email Settings

The default email settings allow you to easily configure how all platform emails will appear like to your end users.

In the default email settings, you can set:

  • Sender name

  • Sender prefix

  • Header/logo

  • Colour scheme

These will apply to all emails sent to users and team members on your app by the platform.

You can also enable or disable the email header/logo with the Omit Email Body Header option. Enabling this option will keep platform emails text only, which is useful if your email client does not display images by default.

Gap Analysis

Configuring the options on this page allows you to set the appearance of gap analysis emails sent by the platform to your end users.


This page will allow you to set options for configuring course enrolment and reminder emails sent by the platform to your end users.

Weekly Summary

This page allows you to configure options for the Weekly Summary option that is automatically sent to managers every week to update them on the progress of end users in their group.

Office 365

On this page you can configure the look of emails sent to platform admins on O365 reports and syncs.

Simulation Tests

This page allows you to configure the simulation 'test' emails in uPhish. These are the emails sent when you click the 'Test Simulation' button when creating a new simulation.


The Policies page allows you to configure uPolicy emails sent by the platform, such as reminders of policies waiting for signature.

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