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List of uLearn training courses
List of uLearn training courses

Find out what courses are available in the uLearn Course Library.

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There are three categories of courses available on uLearn:

In this article, you can find a list of all available courses on the uLearn platform, or export the entire course catalogue in a PDF.

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Information Security Courses

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These are the courses included in the automated security training programme - Auto Enrol.


  • Phishing

  • Public Wi-Fi

  • Secure Passwords & Authentication

  • Physical Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Secure Internet Use

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Removable Media

  • Social Engineering

  • Using Social Media Safely

  • Working Remotely

  • Security at Home


  • Ransomware

  • What Makes a Cyber Criminal?

  • The Internet of Things

  • The Insider Threat

  • Information & Data

  • Smishing

  • Secure Email Use

  • Videoconferencing Securely

  • Data Loss

  • Denial of Service Attacks (DOS)

  • Patching & Updating

  • Vishing


  • Spyware & Adware

  • The Dark Web

  • Protecting Your Online Privacy

  • BYOD

  • Secure VPN Use

  • File Sharing in the Workplace

  • Home Network Security

  • Clear Desk Policy

  • Online Payments

  • Malicious Websites & Applications

  • Malware

  • Using Third Party Services Securely

Compliance courses

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  • Cyberscore

New Zealand

  • Introduction to the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020


  • Anti-Money Laundering (General)

  • Cyber Security for the Board

  • Data Classification

  • Data Handling

  • EU AI Act

  • GDPR

  • GDPR (Advanced)

  • GDPR Essentials

  • GDPR for Consumers

  • GDPR for Senior Staff Members


  • Protecting Payment Card Information

  • Protecting Personal Data (GDPR)

  • Data Protection Managed

  • Security Awareness Training and Data Protection

  • Security Awareness Training - Overview

  • PCI DSS Essentials


  • Anti-Money Laundering (AU)

  • The Australian Privacy Act 1988

  • The Australian Privacy Act 1988 for Managers


  • Consumer Privacy Protection Act


  • Introduction to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

South Africa

  • Protecting Personal Information (POPIA)

  • Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

United Kingdom

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Anti-Slavery

  • Anti-Tax Evasion

  • The Data Protection Act

United States

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)


  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

  • Understanding HIPAA: Beginner

  • Understanding HIPAA: Intermediate

  • Understanding HIPAA: Advanced

  • HIPAA: The Privacy Rule Explained

  • HIPAA: Training for Business Associates

  • HIPAA: Training for IT Professionals

  • HIPAA: Training for Managers

  • HIPAA: Refresher Course

Custom courses

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  • Coronavirus Control and Prevention (WHO Advice)

  • Coronavirus Phishing

  • Covid-19 Misinformation & Common Scams

C-Suite Security

  • C-Suite Security: Introduction to Cyber Security for Senior Management

  • C-Suite Security: Securing Accounts with Passwords and Authentication

  • C-Suite Security: Staying Safe from Social Engineering Attacks

  • C-Suite Security: Keeping Data and Devices Safe when Travelling

  • C-Suite Security: Building a Secure Culture

NCSC Courses

  • Defending yourself against phishing attacks (NCSC)

  • Introduction to Top Tips for Staff (NCSC)

  • Protecting your accounts with strong passwords (NCSC)

  • Securing your devices (NCSC)

  • Top Tips for Staff (NCSC)

High Risk User Courses

  • High Risk User Training: Protecting Company Systems with Passwords and Authentication

  • High Risk User Training: Protecting Company Data with the Principle of Least Privilege

  • High Risk User Training: Staying Safe from Social Engineering Attacks

Other custom courses

  • Phishing +

  • Phishing ++

  • Phishing Micro Training

  • Protecting Corporate Social Media Accounts

  • Return to Office: Essential Security Awareness

  • Russia & Ukraine: Staying safe in a heightened cyber threat environment

  • Secure Coding Practices

  • The Importance of VPNs

  • AI Threats: AI-Driven Phishing Attacks

  • AI Threats: Deepfake Attacks

  • AI Threats: Staying Safe from AI Attacks

  • How to use AI Tools Safely

  • Email Thread Hijacking

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Fatigue Attacks

  • Attachment Phishing

  • Attachment Phishing Micro Training

  • QR Code Attacks

  • Staying safe from QR Code Phishing Emails

  • QR Code Phishing Micro Training

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