We don't want you to waste your time by manually sending out courses to your end users. That's why we created Auto Enrol - an automated, individualised training programme that you can turn on with one click.

What is Auto Enrol?

Auto Enrol is a setting that configures whether courses are sent out to end users automatically by the usecure platform.

  • If Auto Enrol is ON, the usecure platform will automatically send out courses
  • If Auto Enrol is OFF, courses will only be sent out when end users are enrolled manually by an admin on your account

What happens when I first turn on Auto Enrol?

When you initially enable auto enrol, the Gap Analysis questionnaire will immediately be sent out to all users. The results of this questionnaire are what will be used to create an individualised training programme for each user, determining the order in which they receive course material.

All users who are uploaded to the platform when Auto Enrol is enabled will automatically be sent the Gap Analysis questionnaire.

What courses are included in Auto Enrol?

Auto Enrol includes the core infosec training courses - ranging from phishing and email security to working remotely and physical security. There are three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, all consisting of 12 courses.

If a user does well in Gap Analysis, do they start on more advanced courses?

All users will receive all twelve beginner modules before Auto Enrol moves them onto the next stage of difficulty. Gap Analysis will dictate the order in which these beginner courses are sent out to each users - but does not allow users to skip any modules or start on a higher difficulty level.

How often are Auto Enrol courses sent out?

It's up to you. When you turn on Auto Enrol in the settings, it gives you flexible options to figure out when courses are automatically sent out to your users.

How to turn on Auto Enrol

You can turn on or off automatic course send outs from your platform settings.

1. In the platform settings, click Auto Enrol under the uLearn tab

You can find the platform settings by clicking the settings cog in the top-right of your screen on the usecure app, and then clicking Settings.

2. Switch on Auto Enrol through the toggle option

Alternatively, you can toggle off Auto Enrol from here if you wish to turn it off.

3. Configure how often you want courses to be sent out automatically

You can select how many weeks you would like there to be between send outs, as well as what weekday and time you would like the send outs to be scheduled for.

4. Click the Save button to save your settings

Your settings will apply from the next scheduled send out.

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