In order to be effective, training and testing should continue throughout the year.

With regular phishing simulations, your users will be primed to always stay on the lookout for suspicious emails in their inboxes.

How to automate phishing simulations with Auto Phish

Step One - Find the Auto Phish settings

In the top menu, hover over uPhish and click Configure Auto Phish

Step Two - Turn on Auto Phish

Toggle the 'Enable Auto Phish' button at the top of the page.

Step Three - Select the timing of the simulations

You will need to choose the frequency of the automated simulation emails, as well as whether they send during working hours.

  • How many weeks between simulations - This setting configures the time between the first and last simulated email in a campaign. All Auto Phish emails will be sent at random times during this period, after which the simulation begins again.
    For example, if you set the interval to be eight weeks, every user will receive one simulated phishing email on average every eight weeks.

  • Only send between working hours - This setting determines whether the simulated phishing emails are sent only during work hours, or at any time. Configure working hours for your platform in the platform settings.

Step Four - Select recipients

You can exclude user groups at this stage to prevent them from getting automated phishing emails.

Step Five - Select templates

uPhish contains a large library of phishing templates. For Auto Phish, you can pick and choose which you want to include - or just exclude the ones you don't want.

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