Our latest update makes it easier for you to find the right phishing templates for your end users - and set up Auto Phish to automatically make use of new templates that are applicable for your language and region.

You can now:

Filter uPhish Landing Page and Email templates by language and region

When you create a new simulation, the 'Choose your landing page' screen now has a filter you can use to easily find the right templates for your simulation. Search the list of languages and pick one or many that will work with your end users.

Set a Preferred Content Language for your platform

You can now choose a Preferred Content Language in the Languages page in the platform settings.

  • Templates in your Preferred Content Language will be the default templates shown to admins on your platform when creating new simulations

  • You can set Auto Phish to only send out templates that are in your Preferred Content Language

Restrict Auto Phish to only use templates in your preferred language

On the Auto Phish settings page, you can now set Auto Phish to only send out templates that are in your Preferred Content Language.

  • This helps ensure that end users will only receive templates that will look and feel familiar to them and are in the correct language

  • This option works in addition to the Include/Exclude template feature. Only templates in the Preferred Content Language are sent out, even if they are on the Include list.

Assign languages to your custom Landing Page and Email templates

When you create a new phishing landing page or email template, the builder now asks which language(s) the template is in. Setting the correct language will make it easier for you and the other administrators on your platform to send out the right templates to the right users.

You will also need to set a language to your existing custom templates to have them appear on the landing page and email selection screens when you have a preferred content language set. You can quickly Add or Remove languages from existing landing page and email templates using the drop-down in the Builder list.

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