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Awarding your users course certificates
Awarding your users course certificates

Find out how course certificates work and how your users can access them.

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When your users complete a course, they can download a certificate of completion. Certificates are automatically awarded on completion of each course.

In this article, you'll learn:

Where can my users find their course certificates?

They will be able to find a download link to the certificate on the final page of the course, under their score for the course.

How can I download course certificates for my users?

Admins on the usecure app can download course certificates on behalf of their end users. You can do this on the Users page. Simply select the user whose certificate you wish to download, and in the user pop-up window you will be able to download course certificates for any course that the user has succesfully completed.

What do the course certificates look like?

Here is an example of a course certificate.

What happens if a user fails to pass a course?

If a user fails to pass a course, they won't be presented with a certificate. Instead, they will be asked to retake the course. Once they successfully complete the course with a passing grade, they will be awarded a certificate.

Can I download all course certificates for a user?

You can download all course certificates for a user through their user pop-up window, accessible through the Users page.

Users -> Click user name -> Scroll down to Enrolled Courses -> Download All Certificates

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