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Remove 'via' or 'via' from emails in Outlook
Remove 'via' or 'via' from emails in Outlook

Here's how to use M365's Spoof Intelligence feature to to remove the sender information line in Outlook.

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Microsoft 365’s spoof intelligence feature can be used to remove some errors and messaging in Outlook e.g. the “via” or "via" that appears after a sender email.

How to remove the 'via' or 'via' tag from email in Outlook

2. Navigate to Email & Collaboration > Policies & Rules > Threat Policies > Tenant Allow/Block List

3. Click on the Spoofing tab

4. Click Add

5. Configure the Add new domain pairs window

Paste the following into the Add domain pairs with wildcards field


Set Spoof Type to External

Set Action to Allow

6. Click Add to save your changes

Note on wildcards

Following the guide above will allow emails sent from usecure's IPs to spoof any sender domain. If you don’t feel comfortable using a wildcard in this allow list, you can add entries for each domain you wish to use for simulated phishing emails or system notifications.

For example:,,,,,,,,, ,

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