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Troubleshooting course enrolment
Troubleshooting course enrolment

Courses not being sent out as you expected? Find your answer here...

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You can automatically enrol users to courses using Auto Enrol and Compulsory courses. If you're unsure how enrolment works, find your answers below...

I have enabled Auto Enrol, but no courses have been sent to my user

There are two likely causes for this:

  • Users are not sent any courses until they complete their Gap Analysis questionnaire

  • Users won't be sent courses on the next difficulty level until they finish all courses on the previous difficulty level

Many courses have been sent to a new user at the same time

This is likely to be because:

Why haven't my compulsory courses been sent out to users?

This is because:

  • Compulsory courses are only sent out to new users. If you want to enrol existing users on them, you will need to use manual enrolment.

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