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How to deny-list users from Google Workspace
How to deny-list users from Google Workspace

Learn how to stop specific Google Workspace users from being imported in the sync.

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The user deny list allows you to stop specific users from being synced across to the usecure app from Google Workspace.

How to add a user to the Google Workspace deny list

Adding users to the Google Workspace deny list is done through the Google Workspace Configuration Wizard.

1. Find the Google Workspace section of your platform settings

2. Click Run the configuration wizard

The configuration wizard will now open in a new tab.

3. Click the Go to Group Configuration shortcut button

You will find this on the bottom row of option in the Configuration Wizard. You may also see a Go to User Deny List option if you have set up a Deny List previously.

4. Click 'Next' until you get to the 'Would you like to exclude any users by their email address?' page

Select 'Yes' on the page and click Next.

5. Enter the email you wish to add to the deny list and click Add

Alternatively, you can upload a deny list of users. This list needs to be in CSV format, and you can upload it by clicking Upload Email Addresses. The pop-up window will allow you to choose whether to replace the old deny list or to replace it.

The email addresses on the Google Workspace user deny list will be shown below, so you can ensure that the right emails have been deny listed before saving your new settings.

6. Click Finish in the bottom-right to save your changes

The users you have added to the Google Workspace email deny list will not be carried over from Google Workspace in your next automatic or manual sync.

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