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Introducing the Report Hub
Introducing the Report Hub

Monitor changes in human risk over time, highlight key areas for improvement and manage internal stakeholder reports from one place.

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What is the Report Hub?

The Report Hub is your hub for finding, downloading and creating performance reports of your human risk management activity. With the Report Hub, you can:

  • Monitor human risk more easily

  • Gain more control over reporting

  • Review everything in one place

Find all of your usecure performance metrics in one easy-to-digest report

Performance Reports pull in all the data from your usecure platform, giving you an overview of your overall human cyber risk stance with breakdowns for each area.

View quick insights into how and where human risk is changing in your business

Performance Reports help you understand how users are progressing through their courses, how they are reacting to phishing simulations, and whether they are keeping up with their policy signatures, as well as gaining insight into your user and manager numbers.

Review monthly and quarterly breakdowns, or set custom date ranges

You can easily generate a new report using the Create New Report button. You can give the report a name, and select which time period data should be pulled in for. After you have created your report, simply click 'View Report' to gain insight into your platform activity for your chosen date range!

Schedule recurring reports, add recipients and set custom frequencies

You can easily automate the creation and sending out of reports to managers and other stakeholders through the report scheduling page. Simply add any email addresses you wish the report to be sent to in the Recipients field.

Scheduled Reports -> Add -> Fill in details -> Add

Download and share your reports in ready-to-present PDFs

Use the Download button to download your reports as PDF files.

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