uLearn Course Scores

Learn how uLearn course scores are awarded and what they mean.

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Each time a user finishes a uLearn course, they are given a score.

The score is the percentage of questions at the end of the course that the user answered correctly.

In this article, you'll find:

How users can see their own scores

The score will immediately be shown to the user upon completion of the course

Users can also download a course certificate showing evidence of their completion of the course, along with their associated score.

How you can find an individual user's scores

When you open a user window from the Users page, you can see how the user has performed in each core area on the spider diagram. You can also find a list of all courses that the user has completed underneath, along with the score they achieved in each course.

How to see the overall scores of your users

In the uLearn Report, you can find the overall average score of all your users on all courses they have been enrolled onto.

Underneath, you will also be able to view the average scores per user and per course by switching tabs.

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