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Encourage low-engagement users to take up their training
Encourage low-engagement users to take up their training

Use these email templates to reach out to users who are not engaging with their security awareness training courses.

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A gentle encouragement can help your low-engagement users get up to speed with their training courses. Here's how you should create the email - and some pre-made templates to get you on your way.

How to write a low-engagement training encouragement email

In your encouragement email, you should mention that:

  • Training is mandatory and employees that don't pick it up will be spoken to individually

  • Keeping up with security awareness material ensures employees are operating securely in a professional environment and helps keep the company and its customers safe

  • Training courses only take 5-10 minutes to complete

For a successful campaign, you may also want to:

  • Include a screenshot of an enrolment email so your users will know what to look out for

  • Send the email from someone senior internally in the company

Use our templates to get you started..

We've created some templates for you to use and customise as you wish - so you can get your users back to their training ASAP!

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